Tender Bits

textiles, chain, cinderblocks, ceramic, flagpole, ratchet straps, towel rack

Exhibition Statement:
Tender Bits is dedicated to those sweet, gritty places, tender thoughts and desires; it calls attention to our bodies and their dubious relationship to both cultural identity and intimacy. What languages and tools do we have to describe and access that intimacy in our bodies and in our cultures? Tender Bits is endearing and uncomfortable, soft and sarcastic, tender and trying.

In the space: abstract sculpture, flags, and text. The show explores the relationship between cultural practices, desire and utility. The installation embraces the humor and awkwardness that conversations around intimacy provoke, and poses questions about the vulnerability and repercussions inherent to related practices.

Employing Persian motifs, craft, industrial hardware and performance, Tender Bits explores the multiplicity of bodily experiences and their dynamic relationship to language.