Flags for when you don’t know where you are

This is a developing project, that has the following two installments as of now. 

This is a series of absurdist flags that use archetypes of flag design to create aesthetically flag like object that in essence signifies nowhere. This project is split into two bodies of work, represented below. There is PLACE FLAG serving as a literal documentation of space and action, and NOPLACE FLAG serving as representations of digital invented space. 

This work comes from a critique of what I have observed as the unbalanced power placed on flags instead of on the people they represent and for whom their respective governments are responsible. From that origin, the flags depart and take on metaphoric meaning, and all together invent a different language of how the flags funciton in a literal sense: do they wave, where are they hung, how phallic are they and why, how does the content placed upon them take on new meaning. 

“Walkflag: Athens” was created by taking photographs of the ground everywhere I walked in a day in the city of Athens.

’FLAG’ was made in photoshop, designed in response to a movement performance that occurred in person, and has a drawing from this performance on the surface. It is weather proof.